UA Cinema K11 Art House

UA Cinema K11 Art House, wayfinding system was commissioned by OFT Interiors. They designed a cinema for the UA Cinema in the K11 Musea shopping mall in Hong Kong with Swiss Snow Mountain Cabin as the design concept, using wood and marble as the main elements to highlight the ecological structure in the natural environment.
In this system, a slab serif font with a sign painting and modern style is selected. The sign painting style with a retro feel and can match the elements of the design concept. The modern slab serif font can make the system look more dynamic. In addition to the font, pictograms, and typesetting in the system, materials and structure must also be considered. The Cinema is a place of entertainment, so the small round sign outside the old Swiss bar is used to design the number plate at the entrance of the houses. Larger-sized boards are also used as substrates for direction signs, which allows users to more easily notice and receive information.

Interior Design: OFT Interiors
Photo: OFT Interiors
Way-finding Design: Allan Fan, Poe Cheung