OFT Interiors

OFT Interiors is an interior design studio in Hong Kong, founded in 2013. The spatial experience that has been emphasized in various design projects is also an essential element of OFT’s design. The logo applies positive and negative space design elements, showing the balance of light and shadow, forming a three-dimensional space in the plane, which can give people a visual illusion and a visual experience, allowing the audience to think about the experience of space design, which is also OFT’s concept.
The grid system is the foundation of the spatial structure, gray solid colors and material pictures are the surfaces of materials, and the text is the language that expresses the design concept. Text cleverly combines materials and structure in the space design, which is also the soul of the entire design.

Client: OFT Interiors
Identity Design: Allan Fan, Poe Cheung

Interior Design: OFT Interiors
Photo: OFT Interiors
Brand Identity: Allan Fan, Poe Cheung

Brand Identity: Nous

Client: Oft Interiors