Four Bites

"Four Bites" is a Fujian cuisine concept restaurant located in Central, Hong Kong. It combines life and art culture with food. "Four Bites" is named after four levels of satiety: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. With the ingenious combination of food, design, music, artistic space and atmosphere, it takes everyone from five senses to meet the needs of "four".
Neon orange is the brand color, which brings a fresh and youthful sense to the brand. The logotype apply characteristics of Chinese strokes to the Roman numeral "4", which slightly brings out the essence of Chinese cuisine and enhances the modern sense of the brand. The logo is designed to look like eating noodles with chopsticks (Chinese strokes). The bending of the strokes brings out the dynamics of eating, sometimes like eyes and sometimes like nostrils, bringing interesting visual effects to the logo. The bilingual menu takes the reading direction into consideration. Users can choose to read the menu vertically or horizontally according to their own language.

Client: FourBites
Brand identity: Allan Fan, Poe Cheung
Interior design: Roomfive Concept